Letter - 03.01.2021

Letter - 03.01.2021

January 3rd, 2021

Dear   parents and guardians,

Little Stars Ambassador Bilingual School is concerned regarding the health of our students, parents, teachers and staff. We would like to close the school from Monday 4th - Sunday 10th January 2021 due to many students, families, teachers and staff members have travelled during the Christmas and New year school break. We do not want to take any chances. There has been many new cases of COVID-19 in many provinces around Thailand so due to this circumstance we have decided to close the school for a week and monitor the situation.

School will resume on Monday January 11th 2021 or with further notice. To make teaching and learning orderly and efficient the Primary level teachers will organize online classes beginning on Tuesday, January 5th. On Monday, January 4th parents can contact your homeroom teacher for textbooks and more information regarding the online learning. The online classes will be following the usual class schedule. Attendance online during this time is considered normal school time. The school will inform the parents of the next step with any further announcements.

We ask for cooperation from parents, students, teachers, personnel, staff and employees to strictly follow the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in our community.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.


 Yours sincerely,


(Mrs. Saitong Prombun)

School Director

Little Stars Ambassador Bilingual School




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