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12th June 2020,

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Ambassador Bilingual Academy would like to notify you of our school safety protocols for phase 1. This is for the protection and the safety of your children. The first phase for the semester 1/2020 preliminary period from July - August 2020 is dependent on the current situation and condition. The school therefore will initiate the following protocols during this period:


Pick up and Drop off Protocol for Parents

  1. Parents are only permitted to drop off or collect students at the assigned pick-up points. Students must at all times wear a mask whilst at school. Students will not be allowed to enter the school grounds if they are not wearing a mask. It is highly recommended that students wear a face shield while they are playing together as this would safeguard them from potential germs spread through sneezing.
  2. When collecting students after school, parents are requested to inform the school through LINE@ at least 15-20 minutes in advance in order for the students to be ready by the gate. This LINE@ can also include if the parents would like to collect students before end of school day.


Safety Protocol for Students

  1. All students must wear a face mask at all times. Students will be required to wear a face shield when playing in close proximity with one another as this will cover their mouth and protect them when others sneeze. Students do not need to wear this when having lunch.
  2. Students must bring their own personal belongings from home as follows: A drinking water bottle / handkerchief / hand towel / their cup for brushing their teeth and their toothbrush / their plate and spoon for use during lunch with their name on it. / Container / Spare mask / Plastic gloves
  3. Before entering the school buildings, students must step on the disinfectant tray to kill germs attached to their shoes.
  4. Students will have their body temperature checked whilst the students are seated in the vehicle and checked at the assigned check points. If any students are found to have a fever, coughing or sneezing, the parent will be informed to take the student home. If the symptoms persist, the parent will be requested to take the student to the hospital for a health checkup.
  1. Students must wash their hands during breaks. We have organized hand soap points with teacher supervision at every point. In the classroom there will be 75% hand sanitizer for the students and teachers to use.
  2. We will have social distancing symbol markings on the floor to leave space between the students whilst walking into the classroom.
  3. Students will not be allowed to play at the playgrounds. They will be able to play with their own toys in the classroom during this phase 1.
  4. We have arranged a dining area for students in the canteen according to the time of each grade by enforcing distancing between all students. This will also help with comfortable air flow during lunch time.


Parents and Guardians can contact the school via mobile phone or LINE for any of the below mentioned cases:

  1. Parents would like to collect students before the end of the school day.
  2. Parents would like to contact any of our other departments such as the financial department, admission, registration, academic, visa or the school bus department.
  3. Ordering of School Uniform. You can order via mobile phone or LINE through the school staff. Payments can be made by bank transfer. Once the payment has been completed, proof of payment must be sent to the finance department. The uniform will be given to the homeroom teacher who will then give it to the student to bring home.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

LINE ID: 0817168917

LINE@ ID: @abacm

Tel.: 081-7168917, 053-336840


Yours Sincerely,

Ambassador Bilingual Academy


***Note: For full details a handbook will be supplied to inform you of any further notifications.

Thank you.





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